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Community Gardens
Climate Action Niagara facilitates community gardens in multiple communities for carbon reduction and greater resiliency. For more information click HERE.
Niagara’s Great Heritage Tree Hunt
The Great Heritage Tree Hunt offers recognition to Heritage Trees and trees of significance within the Region to protect them for generations to come. Heritage trees are identified and assessed based on their age, size, appearance, and most importantly their cultural and historical significance.
To join our hunt by nominating a tree of your own today click HERE.!
Niagara’s Fruit Tree Trail
Niagara’s Fruit Tree Trail will bring retired fruit orchards across the Region back into production for community enjoyment to increase local, organic food security, and promote active lifestyles. Niagara’s Fruit Tree Trail will reinstate the value of nature in urban spaces by preserving these forgotten fruit trees and giving them new life to be enjoyed by all. Read more.