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2nd Anual Lake Erie North Shore Standup Fundraiser

Lake Erie North Shore Standup is organizing a 2nd Standup Paddleboarding adventure and fundraiser on August 23 and 24, 2014. This is your chance to get a unique perspective of Carolinian Canada, spend a weekend at the beach and challenge yourself to a Standup Paddleboarding race.

The Lake Erie North Shore Standup is a paddleboarding race that celebrates Lake Erie. A fun race for all paddleboarding levels. The event will raise funds to support Carolinian Canada’s Erie Coastal Stewardship EcoTrail!

Come for the weekend. Lake Erie Northshore Standup will pick the best weather date for the race, aiming for Saturday. The fun race starts at Nickel Beach, Port Colborne: 5-km, 10-km, and a 20-km distances. Trophies by age, distance categories or for people who raise the most for the Erie Coastal Stewardship EcoTrail. Beach party at the Palmwood, Crystal Beach, Fort Erie.

This event is organized by Lake Erie North Shore Standup, an independent volunteer group. Explore their website to find out more.

More details coming soon.

To learn more and register, visit www.northshorestandup.ca