Climate Action Niagara facilitates community gardens in multiple communities for carbon reduction and greater resiliency. We attempt to locate each of the community gardens where need is greatest, and request partnerships in each of the garden areas.

Consuming local food is the single most effective action that you can take on climate change. It supports the local economy, honors the earth, consumes less fuel in shipment, is less likely to be a genetically modified crop, is less likely to be contaminated with prohibited pesticides, and supports the protection of our environment.

Garden Locations

  • Sally’s Garden – 255 Gilmore Rd, at Torrance Ave, Fort Erie,
  • Centennial Community Garden – Oakdale Avenue, St Catharines
  • Centennial Park 3200 sq’ expansion
  • Goodwill Niagara, Churchill St, Welland
  • Geneva St, St Catharines
  • Western Hill, Rykert St, St Catharines
  • South Service Rd, St Catharines
  • Brock University, St Catharines
  • Dominion Rd, Greater Fort Erie
  • Abbey House, St Catharines
  • Sodom Rd, Chippawa

To reserve your garden space or to assist us in the faciliation of garden construction, maintenance or workshops, please contact us at or click here


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