Climate Action Niagara is currently working towards the launch of Niagara’s Fruit Tree Trail which will bring the retired fruit orchards starting in public trail areas along the 12 Mile Creek of St. Catharines’ Merritt Trail back into production. Publically accessible fruit Trees deemed fit to salvage will be pruned seasonally to increase the yield of this local and organic produce year after year.

Our first planting day and initial fruit tree revitalization will be this September, 2013.

Throughout the project, practical workshops on the care and maintenance of fruit trees will be offered to homeowners beginning Early Spring 2014. We will be advertising dates and locations in the fall, so keep an eye out!

Fruit trees will be plotted against regional map layers to create a trail connecting the locations of the fruit trees and then added to the regional GIS database of cycling maps as the project grows across the Region. We encourage everyone to make use of these trails, whether it is for recreation, transportation, or a quick snack on the go.

Excess fruit tree yield will be harvested by the Garden of Eating Niagara. Some of the fresh produce will go towards canning workshops administered by Climate Action Niagara staff and volunteers. Look out for those this Fall 2013!
The Fruit Tree Trail, through its local, organic food production and donation, will serve the community’s soup kitchens and shelters, delivering stronger food security in the city and alleviating stress in local communities.

By restoring the fruit bearing capacity of these beautiful trees and engaging all members of the community in caring for and enjoying the aesthetic value of the trail we hope to inspire a shared sense of community pride. The Fruit Tree Trail will offer educational opportunities as a place for children to spend time developing a bond with our nurturing environment, cyclists to enjoy a tasty trail across Niagara and people of all ages to enjoy the beauty and utility of urban forests and green spaces.

A big thank you to the St. Catharines Green Committee for helping to fund the fruit tree trail project


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